Photo Requirements for Your Passport

photo2If you have a passport or you have seen someone else’s passport, you know that passports are a form of photo identification.

The purpose of having a passport is to prove your identity and nationality whenever you travel n and out of different countries. This includes identifying your name, birthday, citizenship, and your photo or how you look like. See more on Passport Photos.

The reality is that there are people who fake their passports for whatever reasons they have in mind. You will notice that passport offices are now very strict when it comes to the photo you bring, and it is because of the many fake passport being used by people. You need to support with other identification like driver’s license and government-issued IDs also. Here, they compare your passport photos with the photos in your other IDs.

There are passport photo print standards that your passport photo has to conform to be able to use it as a passport photo. The size is 2″x2″, colored, and printed on thin photo paper or stock. It has to be continuous tone and you cannot retouch or edit the photo.

The photo should contain your full head. The center of the head must be within the frame, and the eye height should be between 11/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the photo. The photo background should be white or off white. You are not to smile but keep a natural expression, and shadows are not to be seen in the photo.

You should not wear anything on your head unless you are a religious person. Only religious suits are allowed outside normal street clothing. Glasses are not allowed in your photos unless they are your everyday eyeglasses. If you don’t want your passport photo to become invalid, make sure to submit it to the passport agency within 6 months after the photo has been taken.

Your passport can be delayed if any of these elements are missing from your photo. It might even end up that your passport will not be approved. Explore more on Printings.

If you want to have a perfect passport photo, you should look for a professional passport photographer. If you don’t want your passport application to be delayed, a professional passport photographer will be able to take a photo that will follow standard requirements.

There is so much to consider when applying for a passport, so don’t let anything spoil your efforts. Following these guidelines will help enable you to get your passport photo and your passport the soonest time possible.

If you are looking for a good passport photographer, you can always do a reliable search online where you can choose from one that is near you. Take time to examine each of these companies and read customer feedback and reviews to find the best one. Visit for more.